The Kosmon Church welcomes all those seeking the Light and TRUTH of JEHOVIH THE CREATOR.

May all who enter grow in Spirit, and find inner peace

and an expression
of the Divine
in Man.

The symbol as seen represents the Sacred Name of the Creator in a Tri-Unity, the Circle of Love, The Cross of Light, and the Leaf of Life.

If this Dawn of Kosmon is a 200 year cycle, then it being AK 168 for 2015 means we have entered the 6th generation aspect of the Dawn: Therefore this 33 years period should herald for us Faithists a period / a generation of attainment or fulfillment.

For those of you Faithists, Oahspeans, Seekers of Light and all others who have come to this site I wish you a Happy and Healthy AK 168.

All Blessings in the Creators Name. Keep the Faith!

To Contact us please write to The Kosmon Church, Spinney Cottage, Walton Manor,

Walton on the Hill, Tadworth, Surrey,KT20 7SA

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